Live With Abandon

I went to a leadership conference last year in November that highlighted different sessions and seminars for hall governments. I decided to go to one called “Let’s kick the Bucket!” The session changed my viewpoint on life. The leader of the session introduced me to “The Buried Life” and I am sure within time I will introduce them on this blog.

“The Buried Life ” is a group of four friends that got together to step out of their comfort zones and  live out their bucket list now so that they truly lived with abandon. They do a lot of crazy things I hope to test out in the future:

Instead of putting fun, life-changing experiences on the back-burner until I’m too old to do them, I’ve been changed. I want to love every aspect of my life. I decided then and there that I will always accept an opportunity, big or small to make each day the best that it can be.

This video is an overview of the new song from the Newsboys, “Live With Abandon”. This song and its message is what embodies my message on this blog. To hear the whole song, follow the link:

Are you going to live your life with excitement around every corner? Let’s find out!

~Ecclesiastes 3:11~


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