Renevate Your Closet: T-Shirt Demolition

In contrast to my first post, let’s talk about your wardrobe. I LOVE fabric. That includes sewing, quilting, knitting, crafting…anything. I also love my closet of t-shirts which has accumulated from years of volleyball camps, leadership conferences and school functions. As a camp counselor and sometimes runner, I get use from the t-shirts…but not all of them! Instead of donating these unique treasures to others, the crafter in me came out. I decided to research some DIY ways to renevate my bulky t-shirts I would never wear in public into funky, modern clothes I would wear in public.

The shirt I had comes from a leadership conference in Canada. Let’s be honest…It’s horrid. Originally a black men’s medium t-shirt it was then bleached to make the puce design and to make matters worse, it was written on with fabric paint. Somehow, it was sentimental to me and so I decided to make it into a dress. Here’s the process from start to finish:


Step 1: Lay the shirt flat and cut off the sleeves on the seams. Then a straight line from left to right below the collar and neckline.


Step 2: Cut the side seam of each sleeve open and lay them flat. The sleeves are the bodice of the dress.

Step 3: Then cut the remainder body of the shirt by cutting down the seams completely on both sides.

Step 4: Sew one of the sleeves, with the hem facing the top, to one of the body pieces. So your rough edges will be sewn together. Do this for the other sleeve and body piece as well.

Step 5: Use 1/4″ elastic on the same seam you just created, pulling the elastic tight so when there is no resistance applied to it, it will gather and  make the bodice fitted.

Step 6: Sew the two main pieces together at the side seams.

That’s it! Done!

t-shirt dress

For the full directions I found off of Pinterest click here.


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