The Buried Life: Trending Life with Abandon

I mentioned in my very first post that part of my inspiration for this blog comes from “The Buried Life”. Today, I want to tell you more about this group’s background and missions.

Started in  Victoria, B.C. Canada four guys decided they wanted to change up their summer for two weeks. So, they borrowed an RV, bought a video camera off of Ebay and got on the road intending to be gone only for two weeks and then return to their lives at college.

The group includes:

They started off with a bucket list of 100 things to do before they died and since then have added more to their list, have had a TV show and are touring the nation to speak about their campaign, living life to the the fullest now! Here are just a few of their missions:

#25: Capture a Fugitive, the guys put their lives in danger as they hunt down a fugitive successfully.

#33: Play Basketball with Obama, the boys met with many senators and representatives to play a game of basketball with President Obama.

#88: Escape from a Deserted Island, where the guys are dropped onto an island of Aitutaki in the South Pacific with no civilization. The mission is to make it back without any possessions other than the few they were authorized to bring. This mission ends up much like the popular TV show “Survivor” with challenges in sanity, food and natural dangers.

These guys helped me realize that a bucket list should be done throughout your life, not just when you’re old. The bucket list link takes you to a site created for everyone and anyone that wants to add to a collective bucket list. You can add to it if you have ideas or you can take from it if you are in need of a place to start with your bucket list. Enjoy life in all stages and ages of life, starting now.

What will you put on your bucket list?


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