A Day in the Life of Park Shenanigans

Taking all opportunities is the best step to living with abandon, but it doesn’t stop there. Half of the fun of the adventures you experience are from the stories you leave behind, whether they  are in your memory, your journal or a New York Times Bestseller.

Here’s a demonstration of how to start recording the moments of pure abandon in its simplest form.


We started off the day at Menominee Park in Oshkosh, WI. It was a beautiful and surprisingly warmer day in Wisconsin. My ulterior motive for visiting the park was to take photos for my photography class. However, I shortly abandoned the photos for fun with Chelsey.

We came to the Statue of Chief Oshkosh and Chelsey couldn’t resist scaling the giant. She commented she was “as tall as his belly button!” Sporadic and fun, I’ll always remember the comical descent from the statue. She really didn’t know how to come down and it took considerable effort and encouragement to get her down.

We then ventured to chasing geese in remembrance of a friend who highly dislikes all birds. We then walked the circumference of a small train track designed for kids. We raced each other until we reached a bridge and needed to slow down.


Continuing on in our pursuits, we found a children’s carousel that was being prepped for the winter and all the fun horses and rideable objects were removed. Chelsey is an expert at posing for the camera and the colors from the carousel added a fun dynamic. We only wished we could have ridden the carousel during the summer when it was operating.


The final highlight to our expedition was the railroad crossing for the little trains. The picture itself brings so much symbolism into the the scene. The crossing sign itself brought to mind my last post about choosing to take opportunities as they come.

You can see this as the crossroads of your life with opportunities facing you everywhere. You can see this as walking into uncharted territories. You can see this as just having fun with photos. But whatever you see this photo as, think of the fun, the spontaneity and the opportunities that may be ending in your life while new opportunities open up.

What are some ways you see opportunities opening and closing?

Remember to document your memories to hold onto and share with the world your experiences.


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