T-Shirt Demolition: Simple Reconstruction

Fabric is one of my passions. I’m always looking for new ideas and inspirations and lately as you may have noticed, I have had my eye on T-shirt reconstructions. My closet is over flowing with t-shirts I no longer wear. So today’s post is all about living out your passions with abandon, and my passion is anything fabric.

I found this adorable post of a no-sew lattice t-shirt on pinterest and fell in love with the design. I didn’t have the exact same t-shirt but I had a feeling this shirt would make due. So I got got all my supplies and followed the pattern as close as possible and then improved the rest. Here’s the steps:

t-shirt reconstruction

Step 1: Gather shirt, scissors, ruler, chalk and studs. I improved studs with homemade wire jump rings to avoid rips and tears and also because it would be an added expense. My goal in any project is to create or recreate as cheaply as possible.

Step 2: Draw a straight line with the ruler under the collar and mark with chalk. Depending on the collar you have you can adapt the exact way you cut it, just stay within stable bounds.

Step 3: Draw 11 lines perpendicular to the collar line on each side. Once again, you can improvise what ever you could want your shirt to look like. I personally veer off exact directions and design differently to make my creations unique.

Step 4: Cut the perpendicular strips and then place the studs or rings wherever you want on the strands for a lattice pattern.

Step 5: You’re Done! It’s truly that simple to make a creation yourself!


So what are some of your passions? How are you using the time you have to create, design and explore that passion?


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