The Secret of Loving Life: Being Silly

In my many aged years, 20 to be exact,  I’ve learned a lot about life. And though my mother tells me I have so much more to learn and acquire through experience–namely wisdom–I have discovered the greatest secret of living life to the fullest: Silliness.

It takes a lot of strength to muster up the courage to be silly, especially around other people you don’t know. In fact more people are afraid of speaking in front of people than any other fear.

I’ve found that being able to break free of that inhibition and be yourself with abandon is freeing. It’s the best way to relax and learn to love every moment of your precious life.

My best example is The Skit Guys. These two high school friends continued their love of dramatic interpretation and turned it into a career. They are living out life the way they want to and being silly has everything to do with it. Click on the photo to witness one of my favorite humorous videos!

Bad Ways to Witness

The Skit Guys illuminate my point, you enjoy every bit of life more when you can be yourself. Being  silly is the first step to abandoning inhibitions. When you can be silly with yourself, you are real. When you are real, people appreciate it. You are more likely to get to know someone or experience things to the fullest when you can let go of petty social fears.

 I’ve learned to let go of those fears long ago. I had the honor of attending my forensic coach’s wedding a year ago. I was so honored to be invited along with two other girls from the team. We didn’t know anyone at the wedding but it didn’t stop us from going and dancing the night away with people we didn’t know for the person we loved. As you can see, we cranked out the silly and enjoyed every bit of our excursion with fancy H’oerderves, elegant style, and a night to remember.


Have you ever enjoyed something because you let go of your fears?


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