Non-Profits ‘Rise’ to the Heights of Twitter and other Social Media


Non-Profit Organizations are truly the best way to live with passion and abandon, forgetting one’s needs for others. To gain attention and popularity, these non-profit organizations realize they must utilize every aspect of social media. The Council of Non-Profits shares that Facebook has approximately 250 million people log on daily. Twitter has over 65 million tweets each day. YouTube has more than two billion views daily. There are more than 126 million blogs.

Many large non-profit organizations are working through public relations interns and teams to utilize everything social media has to offer. In fact, one of the top five best Non-Profit PR practices is using a social media strategy to enhance brand marketing, popularity and drive marketing. Some great techniques include:

  • Start a Facebook fan page, integrate tabs to other social media sites and leave the page open for fan comments and interaction.
  • Set up an event on Facebook and give participants the ability to RSVP for the event online.
  • Start a blog for a fundraising campaign and tweet messages every so often about it.
  • Use the YouTube Non-Profit Program to raise awareness.
  • Make a video contest for supporters on YouTube.
  • Submit photos to Flickr for followers to see more realms of social interaction and to see what the company does on a daily basis.


Together We Rise is one such organization that is focused on enhancing the lives of foster care children. The non-profit raises money for suitcases, clothing, bicycles and sports camps for kids that don’t have parents to provide for them. This organization is using public relations tactics in social media such as:

  •  Together We Rise has tabs on every page of its website that have direct links to its Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
  • The media section of the website has links to published multiple stories written about the organization and its awards for service.
  • The custom logo for the organization is present on all forms of social media that are used.
  • Their Twitter page has a custom background and actively responds to followers on Twitter, retweeting and posting pictures. With over 75,000 followers the non-profit is only on Twitter about every two days.
  • The organization also has fundraising events and initiatives on its website and informational videos about programs.

Public Relations has a strong presence with its social strategies and its impact can now be measured. What tactics do you think are important for a non-profit to have?



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