Hebrews 12:12

The title verse is the sum of my past two and a half months: “Therefore, strengthen your feeble arms and weak knees.” This seems like a weird verse of the Bible but this section of the Bible is talking about discipline. Discipline that endures hardship and produces a harvest of righteousness and peace. I’ve also learned to take that command quite literally though. How does that apply to me and living with abandon? Let me tell you.

On my active bucket list, I decided to start crossing off some things, this time running a half marathon was nagging at the back of my mind. I thought about it way in advance and decided that with the help of a few friends, now was the time to put training plans into motion.


Last year I had been in a running group for the half marathon but it fell apart as soon as the freezing winter weather hit. After a run outside in a foot of snow and -degree temperatures, I quit. Over the summer I kicked myself for it and even talked to a wonderful pastor I had been introduced to through camp that does long distance running. He told me about his experiences running his first half marathon and the very next day surprised me.

He came up to me handed me a black and blue shirt and said, “This is the shirt I got from my first half marathon. I want you to have it to remind you how much I believe in you. You can run this.” I was floored. I knew right then and there that I was committed to running a half marathon for him, for me, and for anyone who needed inspiration to run like I did.

I started running with my two friends and we persisted. I honestly think running inside made all the difference for our group. We didn’t give up as we ran up to 100 times around the recreational center indoor track. We had inspirational and educational moments to talk about anything and everything during our runs and we always stayed positive. They have become my confidents, my great friends and my support group all because of this race.


Today, I finished that race…and I wore that shirt that Pastor Peske gave me. I ran that race for him, for me and for all those that believed I could push my body and my mind when it comes to physical limits. It was long, it was cold, I am sore and I am so ecstatic! I didn’t win, but that wasn’t the point. The point is to push oneself outside boundaries and comfort zones and live with all that life has to offer. Now I can check one more thing off my bucket list as I “live with abandon.”

What’s next on your bucket list?


One thought on “Hebrews 12:12

  1. Mark Peske says:

    Rebekah, Congratulations and well done! So glad to hear how you persevered, enjoyed your training, and overcame the challenge of a HALF-MARATHON! God bless you and keep you smashing barriers for his glory! Mark Peske

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