Journalism: So Much More than Writing

As a journalism major there are so many career paths to explore: public relations, advertising, visual, writing/editing and media studies. Yet, I’ve learned that many students know nothing of what journalism really is. My new project is putting together a social media video for the department of journalism. This video starts out by asking random students what they think of when they think of journalism. Here’s a somewhat similar video response of the interviewees.

Every single one of the interviewees replied with writing and news. While that may be true for some parts of journalism, there is so much more involved in the major and the emphases offered.

Maybe the department needs a name revision but journalism is so much more than writing. Students are taught how to use the latest media platforms, build advertising and public relations campaigns, network with professionals, facilitate the Adobe Suites to create ads for real clients and shoot in a professional photography studio.

Aside from class time there are so many clubs and journalism centered organizations and internships available. These amenities really provide the tools for experience and success.

Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) equips students with national travel to conferences to network and learn about the latest PR techniques. Ad Club similarly equips students with the advertising realm of campaigns and networking. Photo Club focuses on skill development as a photographer through trips and workshops. Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) includes workshops, seminars, mentoring, job matching services and free subscriptions to The Quill.

So many things are happening in the journalism department. What other major prepares for the future with the latest tools of communication in a globally changing world?

When the video is finished, I’ll be sure to post it so you can see!


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