Lease It or Leave It

I told you I was busy.

One of the big events that I’ve been working on lately is “Lease It or Leave It.” This semester my class is competing in the Bateman competition. We basically have to come up with a creative campaign that promotes the featured organization of the year. This year that organization is Home Matters.

Home Matters is all about making every living space a “home” by the original definition of the word. “Home” connotates a safe environment with a push for education, health and success. These positive factors help make any where you live a “home.”

We decided to focus on renting, especially first-time renters that are college students. So often students simply sign a lease without really knowing the hidden charges, housing damage and expectations of the landlord. Why? Because there is a mad rush to get the house you want before it is gone.

We decided to create a night that focuses on bringing in local landlords, city officials, previous student renters, local Home Matters affiliates and other organizations that can provide insight on the “Housing Games,” as we affectionately call it.

The point of “Lease It or Leave It” is to help students know what and how to look for problems with the house, the lease or the landlord; to find a safe “home.”

To promote this event, I got to develop, write and film with a few colleagues a video for the event. It is possibly the most fun I’ve had in a long time.

The rundown on the night starts out at 5:15 p.m. with a 15 minute student panel. Students can ask other students with renting experience questions. Then after grabbing free refreshments the students are encouraged to go speak to different landlords and other housing experts.

Every student receives tickets to door prizes as they enter and as they network with housing professionals. Various gift card baskets can be won and the grand prize is $200 off of next month’s rent or next year’s housing.


Have you had any leasing problems? What were they? Would you benefit from something like this?



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