The Unexpected Sony Camera

This is the story of an absolute need being met.

Last semester, I was in a Photo 2 class because I loved the first class so much. At that time I had borrowed my dad’s Olympus 6 megapixel camera. It was a point-and-shoot camera that had some manual capabilities.

It worked for that class but not this one. My professor and I discussed options for me. It was evident that I would have to buy a camera, either refurbished or new. I was ok with getting a new camera, actually excited would be the better term…until I saw the prices.

$300-$500 would be the price range I was looking at for a camera that could do what I needed it to in the class. I was overwhelmed with the desperation of a college student that is trying to pay all my tuition bills without any loans.

People noticed my sadness and asked me about it. One of these people happened to be the campus minister for His House. As I finished my sad tale, he replied, “Well, I have a camera you could use for the semester.”

I was awestruck. He did indeed have a camera that would fit the parameters of what I needed. It was a lovely Sony with 24 megapixels. He explained that he and his wife hardly used it, nor did they know any manual controls.


Me and my unexpected Sony

The deal was that I could use this camera for the semester and they could ask to use it whenever they needed it for a special event.

Thanks to this gift I was able to create an amazing collection of photos in my portfolio.

Suddenly, it occurred to me to ask why they had such a camera if they didn’t know how to use it.

The campus minister explained that he and his wife were looking for a nicer camera for when they were expecting their first child. A photographer friend of theirs came to stay with them for a few days and was trying to sell his old camera for $400.

The minister and his wife agreed to pay the $400 but asked if they could pay in increments because it was a big amount to pay out front.

The next morning, their photographer friend said he prayed to God about the matter and knew what God wanted. He gave them the camera for absolutely nothing.

Isn’t that incredible? He gave it for absolutely nothing, although he himself was a missionary and could not easily give up something of such value. As we focus more on Lent, my heart turns towards freely giving.

Whether it is time with Special Olympics athletes, campers, students or the homeless, we are called to be like Christ. The campus minister and his wife explained that because of their free gift, they vowed to share with others freely.

What an amazing example of Christ. Do you have any stories of God’s grace you’d like to share? I’d love to hear them.

Oh, and by the way. It turns out that the photographer friend is not only a missionary and photographer but also a master musician. He makes the most beautiful guitars, Selah guitars.


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