DIY Reusable Fabric Snack Bags

Wedding presents are no easy feat for me. I have this terrible urge to make every gift. I feel that buying something from the registry isn’t personal enough for such an occasion…and I’m cheap. Those wedding registry gifts are pricey!

I’ve created a Pinterest bank full of practical, useful, homemade gifts for any occasion. I’d like to share my latest wedding shower gift, the DIY reusable fabric snack bag.

I love this item for many reasons. First, it’s made out of recycled materials that don’t otherwise get recycled (aka plastic grocery bags and fabric scraps). Second, it’s reusable so you eliminate extra pollution and costs from purchasing sandwich baggies. Third, it’s so cute!

Here’s what you will need to make your own DIY reusable fabric snack bags:

2-8 plastic grocery bags (Fleet Farm bags work the best)

Iron and Ironing Board

Parchment Paper

Sewing Machine with neutral thread

7″ x 15″ Fabric Scraps (can be bigger than this too)

1. Cut off the handles and bottom seam of the plastic bags you will be using. Start with just one bag and you can cut up more when you need them.

2. Smooth out the plastic bag (still in one piece) and place it in between two pieces of parchment paper. The parchment paper prevents the plastic bag from melting onto your iron. Again, you can use any kind of grocery bag but you will find that each one fuses differently. Walmart bags shrunk really badly. My favorite plastic bags to fuse were the Fleet Farm bags. They didn’t shrink or crinkle as much and I could make two plastic bag liners from just one fused piece!


3. With your iron on a light setting (I used the polyester setting), quickly and lightly iron over the parchment paper. I’m serious about quick, light strokes. Any hesitation on a piece of the plastic and it shrinks into a dense, crinkly state. The goal here is to slightly melt the plastic or ‘fuse it’ so it sticks together.

*As you are doing this, be aware that melting plastic causes fumes. Make sure you fuse in a well-ventilated area. That’s why I did my ironing outside.


4. Keep ironing the plastic until appears to have fused together. Then put another plastic bag onto the fused piece and iron some more. Don’t try to fuse both pieces separately and then fuse to each other. Just start fusing the fresh piece to the fused piece until it too is fused.

5. Keep fusing and adding plastic bags until you have the thickness you want. I found that three plastic bags fused together was a sturdy weight that I wanted for my snack bags.

2015-06-17 08.53.16

6. Now that you have your reusable plastic liner you can cut it to the dimensions of the fabric scrap you have. If you measure a sandwich bag, it will be around the size of 7″ x 15″. I wouldn’t make the fabric and plastic liner pieces any smaller than that but you could definitely make it bigger.

2015-06-17 14.13.23

7. With right sides touching, baste the two pieces together with a 1/4″ seam allowance, leaving a 2″ opening on the short end. Trim the corner seam allowance to a 1/8″. This opening will be where you turn the bag so the insides are now out.

8. From the 2″ opening, pull the fabric so the right side (the darker and more vivid side of the fabric) is facing out. Then use a straw or scissors to push the corners out and flatten the piece.

2015-06-17 09.34.17

9. Sew with a 1/4″ seam allowance on the side that has the opening, tucking the unfinished opening edges in.

2015-06-24 20.43.33

10. Fold the piece so the plastic is on the inside and the sewed edge is on top. Fold down the sewed edge 2 1/2″, exposing the plastic inside. Pin the flap you’ve created down.

11. Now with the flap and sewed edge still on top, match the new edges together. Now pull down the front side (with the sewed edge) 1/2″ from the bottom side. One will be the non-sewed 7″ wide side and the other will be the exposed plastic edge because you have created a flap.

12. Sew all the way around the pinned down piece and you’re finished! The flap will be sewn down now and the bag is complete. To close the bag simply pull the flap over the other edge like a normal sandwich baggie.

The great thing about this is that if the inside gets dirty from food, just turn the bag inside out and rinse the plastic liner. Hooray! You made a useful thing today! Tell me about any useful wedding gift ideas you have!

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