Recreating an Image on Pinterest with No Directions: T-Shirt Quilt Part 3

Let’s finish this t-shirt quilt today!

What you’ll need:

Cutting Mat

Rotary Tool

Cutting Ruler

Sewing Machine with Neutral Thread

2 yds. background fabric


  1. Measure the width of each column of t-shirt blocks. If you are following my format of 6 blocks per column, cut five pieces of 2” wide background fabric the width of each t-shirt block column. If you have more or less t-shirt blocks in a column, simply remember you will need one less strip than blocks in your column. In my quilt, I have four sets of five pieces. The first column has five strips 12 ½” long, the next column has five strips 13 ½” long, the next column has five strips 12 ½” long and the last column has five strips 11 ½” long.

2015-06-08 16.56.43

  1. Sew, with ¼” seam allowance, each 2” background strip to the bottom of each t-shirt block, right sides facing. Notice, the last t-shirt block in each column will not get a strip.
  1. Make sure your t-shirt blocks are in the order you want them. Then, staying within the columns, start sewing each block together, right sides facing. Remember the ¼” seam allowance! You will start by sewing two blocks together. Then sew, two groups of two blocks together. Then sew on the last two blocks.
  1. Now that your columns are all sewn together, press (or iron) the seams in the direction of the darker fabric. Measure each column’s length. You might find that some of the columns are shorter than the others. As you can see on mine, the left-most column was too short. So I sewed on two more background strips to lengthen the column. Sew on more background strips as needed.
  1. Sew the leftover 2” background strips together. Press the seams to one side.


  1. Measure the length of each column. Cut five strips the length of the columns from the 2” background strip. Sew the long strips to the sides of the columns with right sides facing. Press seams to one side. Start with sewing one strip to the right side each column. Then sew the columns together. Sew a strip to the left side of the left-most column. Now your quilt is almost finished!
  1. Lastly, measure the final width of your quilt top. Cut two strips the width of your quilt top from the 2” background strips. Sew one strip to the top of the quilt top and one to the bottom of the quilt top, right sides facing. Press the seam to the darker fabric.


You’re done! You made your own t-shirt quilt top! It is a bit more complicated than simply sewing t-shirts together but I love the finished result.

2015-06-08 17.02.07

The last step you have is to finish the quilt. You can tie the quilt. You can machine stitch it. You can sew the backing and batting to the quilt top or you can finish the quilt with ½ yd. of 1 ¾” binding.

Follow this helpful link to finish a quilt. Show me how your quilt turned out!

#livewithabandon     #quiltbetterthanyourgrandma


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