Designing Potential

Have you ever had a desire to do something and, no matter what other things you do, you still have this desire?

There is not a day that goes by when I don’t I come up with an idea to create something. Whether it is a functional household item, a design for a wedding dress or an idea for world hunger relief, my mind is filled with ideas and the desire to create these things.

One of my greatest desires is sewing. I hate the stores of today where one size fits all. It doesn’t! God created every person and body type so unique that it is impossible to put everybody in a box of “size.” I dream of opening up a store, where I can design clothing to fit perfectly, reflect the style and personality of the individual. I also love to play with color theory.

Reachel Bagley does a wonderful job in color theory and the perfect fit for your individual style and size. If you’ve ever wondered about your colors, body shape or size, I suggest you look at her website.

This year, I had the honor of starting my design adventure. My friend Amy is a fellow crafter and sewist and we immediately started talking about our creative passions. She recently had become engaged and showed me her ideas for an unconventional wedding dress.

Instantly I was hooked. If you mention unconventional and sewing in the same sentence, you can count me in on your adventure.

Amy wanted a skirt and shirt combo for her wedding attire. She wanted something that would fit and enhance her features, something that had pockets and color. I loved it!

Being from the East Coast, she ran to her favorite fabric store, Mood (see Project Runway) and got the fabric she wanted. We ended up with a mint charmeuse, pale yellow taffeta and a creamy French lace. All the fabrics were silk based.

From this we found a picture of a gown that she liked and modeled the dress after it.

One month later, I had finished the final product. Amy was kind enough to have her photographer share a few photos of the dress with me. Now let’s see how cute this dress is!


stairs and dress.jpg

dress barn.jpg


Congratulations Amy and Bob! I had so much fun envisioning and creating that wedding dress. Thanks for the friendship and honor of creating something special for you!

If you have anything you’d like created, contact me and let’s explore the possibilities.

What have you made lately?

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