The Angel Named John

I’ve made it to Africa!

It’s crazy to think that I’ve been living here for a month now. And weirdly, I’m getting very used to it. Thank you so much to everyone who has been asking about me. I am well and happy here. I’m sorry for my lack of correspondence thus far. Internet is hard and expensive to come by so I will try to maximize my usage of it when it is available.

While I have many stories to tell already, they can wait, I first must tell you the story of John.

Most of you know how much I dislike plane rides. Giving the pilot control of my safety has never been easy, as silly as that sounds. When I boarded my first plane for my 18 hour journey, I desperately asked God for a friend to talk to on the ride.

And….I had the only row on the plane that wasn’t full. Cool. So as the plane took off, I gave a desperate look to the flight attendant and prayed for calm as the plane took off. I had my moments of general anxiety. Yes. But, big international planes are also very fascinating.

So, thankfully, I made it through the ride by listening to music, watching other people watch movies, praying, sleeping, eating way too much plane food and following the flights progress on the TV screen every passenger gets. Seriously, I thought that was so cool. I literally used the GPS app to check out the time zones, cities and landscapes of the entire world.

When we landed in Amsterdam, I had a new found peace that I was going to be just fine. I navigated to the right gate, boarded the right plane and again asked God for a friend; not so much to calm my nerves now but to have someone to chat with on the ride.

That’s how I met John. I got the window seat and he had the seat right next to mine. Right away, he started chatting with me and we talked nonstop until the flight ended. I told him about my anxiety of planes and he chuckled as I grabbed the arm of my seat when we took off.


We talked about my family and my work in Uganda. And we talked about him. I found out he was a native Ugandan, born and raised in the city I would be working in. He lived there for about 40 years and then moved to Boston and became an American citizen. He was coming back to visit his large family for two weeks.

He told me all about his favorite places in Jinja and gladly helped explain cultural things that I already was confused or concerned about.

One of the coolest things he told me was that he could look at an African and know exactly what country they were from. Our flight actually did land in another country first and then continued on to Uganda. And he was right. We made guesses on the plane and he was 100% accurate.

We kept chatting and started involving other nearby passengers in the discussion. We met a Norwegian doctor who was visiting his Ugandan boyfriend. We met a Rwandan boy that was flying for the very first time. It was all so diverse and yet we all connected and enjoyed each other’s company.

When our flight finally landed, John still did not leave my side. He waited for me to get through immigration, helped me navigate through the airport and find my luggage. He walked me outside and checked to make sure I had found the people who were picking me up.

If he wasn’t an angel in disguise, I don’t know what is. I asked God to find someone to watch over me and God supplied just that.

So, yes. I am safe in Uganda thanks to the prayers of so many loving people and thanks to the angel named John.

Do you have any angel in disguise stories?

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